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Bluetooth Bioimpedance Scale + App with 12 functions

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The Bluetooth Digital Body Scale uses the most modern biotechnology to evaluate and store body parameters. If you want a fit body in a healthy and scientific way, this product is all you need. It has a humanized design with rounded edges and anti-slip technology, ensuring user safety and comfort. It is equipped with four high-precision sensors, one at each end, to make the weighing result as accurate as possible.

How it works

Functions: Weight, Muscle, Moisture, Bone Mass, BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Protein Rate, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Ideal Weight, Weight Control, Body Fat, Fat-Free Weight, Weight muscle, Amount of protein, Degree of Obesity and Body Type.

Note: You can register up to 7 users on the same account.

App Access:

To access all these functions you need to download the OKOK-international application on your cell phone, available in online application stores for Android/IOS.

Once this is done, you will have to open the scale application, it uses Bluetooth to pass the information collected on the scale to the application on your cell phone and with this you will have all the data that the functions make available, you can create more than one user to your family and friends.

How to measure body weight:

If the scale is not connected to Bluetooth, it will only measure your body weight.

1. Place your scale on a hard, flat surface (do not use on carpet or

soft surface);

2. Step carefully onto the scale platform. Stay as still as possible

until the weight reading is shown.

3. The scale will automatically shut down if there is no further operation.

How to connect with Bluetooth to record other body measurements:

1. Download the "OKOK" app: scan the QR Code in the manual (and/or located under the scale) and download the OKOK app on your smartphone.

Note: application is available for IOS•and Android - version 4.3 and Bluetooth

4.0 (or above version)

2. Download the "OKOK" APP from the Apple store or Google Play online store;

3. Launch "OKOK" and register an account;

4. Edit and complete the user profile:

5. Pair the device:

6. First, turn on your device's Bluetooth function:

<Configuration> • <Bluetooth»;

7. Start the "OKOK" APP and follow the instructions: click your 3.2.

phone to pair the Bluetooth body fat scale.


1. Place the scale on a flat surface and open the scale so that the display shows "0.0";

2. Step onto the base of the scale with bare feet and remain still as much as possible until the weight reading appears and is locked on the display; Wait for that same unit to appear in the APP along with the other information.

Error Code

1. Overload or measurement in error operations: the display will indicate "Err".

when the scale is above maximum capacity. Remove the weight to avoid any damage;

2. Low battery: The display will indicate "Lo", open the battery cover and replace with new batteries with the correct polarity.


1. If user wants to pair another device, click ‹Settings>

- «My scale> • <Off› to unpair this device.


Power: 2 AA Batteries.

Approximate scale size: 26 X 26 X 2.3 cm

Approximate weight: 930 g

Black color

Composition: Glass and electronic components

Supports 180 kg

Real-time data transmission

Synchronization through an application in Portuguese


Safe, non-slip design

4 high precision sensors

Battery status indication

Tempered glass surface that supports up to 180 kg

ABS plastic housing


01 Scale.

01 Instruction Manual.

02 AA batteries.

How to use

1. Take off your shoes and socks and keep your bare feet in contact with the electrodes when measuring body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone substance (kg), BMI and calorie measurement;

2. If the scale malfunctions, check the batteries; replace with new batteries if necessary;

3. Use a soft cloth with alcohol or glass cleaner to clean the

surface of the scale.

4. The scale is a device for personal and family measurement purposes only.

Never jump or step on the scale

5. The scale is a device for personal and family use only, not suitable for professional use. The information collected by her is for reference only. You should consult a qualified physician when beginning a diet or exercise program.

6. The glass platform can be quite slippery when wet, so make sure the glass and feet are dry before use.

7. Never step on the base of the scale with wet feet.

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