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PS4 Wireless Controller

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Now with the PS4 Wireless Controller you can play your favorite games, making the most of all the experience the game can offer! Have maximum precision in your movements and be immersed in the game with its vibration system that brings even more realism.

Much More Precision

Thought of every detail, it combines revolutionary functions, bringing precision, comfort and accuracy to each movement. Thanks to its ergonomics specially designed for the position of your hand, you can spend hours playing in complete comfort.

Share your achievements

Equipped with the SHARE Button, which allows you to share your victories and achievements with your friends on the most popular social networks just by tapping the SHARE button.

Custom game

Four colored LED lights provide a simpler way to identify players and view useful game information, such as when a character takes serious damage.

Hear every detail

It has a headphone jack and a good quality speaker, so you don't miss any details while playing.

Better Connection

Equipped with a high-tech Bluetooth connection that makes it easy to use on any device. Furthermore, it has great anti-interference ability, easy handling and stable connection signal.


- Double vibration

- Touch (touch function)

- Stable function

- Share button

- Integrated speaker and headphone connection

- 3D acceleration sensors

- Sixaxis function

- Compatible with Playstation 4 (all versions) and PC

- Bluetooth connection

- Rechargeable


01 Wireless Controller for Ps4

01 USB charging cable

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