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Glass Mug with Plastic Lid - 480 ml

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Never forget to drink water during the day!

If you were looking to include the habit of drinking more water in your routine, this Mug is perfect for you! It can be used for cold and hot drinks, and you'll see! It will become essential for you to take a cup of tea on those cold days!

Made of glass with a plastic coating and a screw-sealed lid, this 480ml mug is perfect to take anywhere and won't leave the taste of other drinks after washing!
Does not include tea filter!

Nutritionists claim that, with a simple calculation, it helps to regulate the amount of water necessary for the body to function properly. This mathematical calculation considers that 35 ml of water are needed per kg of body weight. Therefore, you need to multiply your weight in kg by 35 to obtain the result in ml, for example:
70 kg x 35 = 2,450 ml
or 2 liters and 450 ml


Composition: Glass and Polypropylene (PP)

Capacity: 480 ml

Weight: 0.271 kg

How to use

For better maintenance, use neutral soap and a soft sponge, dry with a flannel.
Avoid using abrasive products.

Common questions

1. Can it be used with hot drinks?

Yes, the mug can be used with cold or hot drinks. But because the lid is made of plastic, when adding hot drinks, do not fill it to the top.

2. Do you like it?

No, because the mug is made of glass, it does not taste like drinks.

3. Does the mug maintain its temperature?

No, the mug does not maintain temperature.

4. Can it be placed in the washing machine?

No, it is recommended that the mug be washed by hand.

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