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Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml

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The perfect solution has arrived to blend your gym shakes, chocolate drinks and much more: our 300ml Refillable Cup! With it, you will have the convenience of preparing your favorite drinks quickly and efficiently.

With a capacity of 300ml, our refillable cup is perfect for mixing your protein shakes, supplements and chocolate drinks. The power of the motor will ensure a homogeneous and smooth mixture without unwanted lumps.

Furthermore, you can take it wherever you want as it comes with a practical strap, making it extremely easy to carry.

Get the Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml now and prepare your favorite shakes quickly, lightly and efficiently with so much style!

How it works

Before first use, charge the shake cup completely - about 6 hours.

After charging, remove the power cord.

Pour the desired liquid into the glass up to the "MAX" mark (which indicates maximum capacity) and the chocolate milk.

Place the lid on and turn it until it is closed and press the button quickly twice (double click) to turn it on.

It automatically turns off after 40 seconds of use and if you want to turn it off sooner, just press it once more.

The cup can be used upside down (with the motor down) as it has a good seal. Make sure the lid is closed tightly so your drink doesn't leak.


Capacity: 300mL.

Approximate height: 18cm.

Materials: Plastic, stainless steel and electronic components.


01 Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml.

01 String to hang the cup.

01 USB cable.

How to use

Although the packaging shows the Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml blending fruit, this cup is not suitable for blending fruit and ice, only mixing chocolate and whey (protein) powder.

The product needs to be fully charged (for 6 hours) before first use.

Attention: When washing, ensure that the charger inlet is tightly closed to prevent water from entering.

Never turn on the Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml without closing it completely.

Never open the Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml while it is in operation.

When washing the Refillable Shake Cup - 300ml, only wash the blade area. Since the motor is in the lid, it cannot be immersed in water, so it is necessary to clean it with care and attention.

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