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Luxury Thermos Bottle - 1L

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Color: White
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If you are looking for not just a thermos, but an extension of your style and refinement, the Dolce Home Luxury Thermos Bottle is the definitive choice. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the finish, reflects excellence and good taste.

Imagine a perfect balance between plastic, glass and wood, creating a symphony of textures and colors. The plastic structure brings durability and lightness, while the internal glass coating, one of the noblest materials, is the essence of our commitment to maintaining the perfect temperature of your liquids. And the wood, elegant and natural, adorns this piece of functional art with touches of warmth and personality.

The Luxury Thermos Bottle is much more than an everyday utensil; It is a masterpiece that celebrates the union of functionality and elegance. Combining high-quality materials, meticulous design and exceptional performance, this is the piece that transcends the ordinary and offers a touch of class at every moment.


Luxury Thermos Bottle
Colors: White and Black
Material: Plastic, Glass and Wood.
Measurements: 13 x 25 cm.
Capacity: 1L
Weight: 690 g.
Brand: Dolce Home
Packaging: Box

01 1L Luxury Thermos Bottle

Usage Guide
To ensure the durability of your thermos, here are some precautions you can follow:

Wash the thermos with warm water and soap after each use to preserve the liquid.
Avoid using abrasive products that could damage the bottle materials.
Avoid falls or sudden impacts that could compromise the integrity of the bottle.
Avoid exposing the bottle to extreme temperatures, such as placing it directly in the freezer or oven.


What material is it made of?
The "Luxury Thermal Bottle" is made from a combination of materials: plastic, glass and wood.

How long does the bottle keep at temperature?
Approximately 8 hours. Features double glass mirrored ampoule with vacuum insulation

Does it measure temperature?
No, this model is not the same as the thermos with Digital Display. It does not measure temperature.
If you are looking for this model, just search for its name here in the store.
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