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Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver - 32 Bits

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The Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver with 32 tips is the perfect tool for those looking for practicality and efficiency when tightening and loosening screws. With its intelligent design and rotation control, clockwise and counterclockwise, this cordless electric screwdriver is versatile and easy to use on different types of surfaces.

Made from lightweight and resistant material, the screwdriver offers greater comfort in use and guarantees greater durability. Furthermore, with the 32 tips included, you can carry out different jobs easily and efficiently.

The transport and storage case ensures the protection of your screwdriver and makes it easy to transport wherever you need it.

How it works

  • The screwdriver has a button in the middle, one on the left and one on the right.

  • Press the button on the left side to loosen the screw. And press in the middle to activate.

  • Press the button on the right side to screw. And press in the middle to activate.

  • To lock the screwdriver, leave the button in the middle. And press in the middle to activate.

  • To change the shape of the screwdriver, click on the top button and rotate the horizontal part 90 degrees until it forms a cylindrical shape.

  • To screw a screw that you cannot reach, fit one part of the extender to the screwdriver and the other to the screw and turn it on.

  • There are several types of wrenches, to screw them, fit them onto the tip of the screwdriver. It is also possible to add a piece to make the key longer. To use, fit the part into the screwdriver and then fit the desired wrench into the part.


Screwdriver measurement: 14x12x7cm
Power: 3.6Vdc/1300mAh internal battery
Type-c input -DC 5V (battery recharge)
Recharging time 2~3 hours
Torque: 3NM
Speed ​​200RPM


01 Electric screwdriver
28 25mm tips
04 50mm tips
08 Sockets
02 Drills
01 Adapter
01 Transport case
01 Type-C x USB cable

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